Institutes and persons involved in the HEALTHY POULTRY project

Partner 2
University of Vechta, ISPA

Full name
Institute for Spatial Analysis and Planning in Areas of Intensive Agriculture (ISPA)

Driverstrasse 22, 49 364 Vechta, Germany

Website institute

Persons involved

  1. Prof.dr. H.W. Windhorst,
    First name: Hans-Wilhelm,
    Tel: +49 (0)4441 15 348,
    Fax: +49 (0)4441 15 445,
    Task: Coordinator Task A, Supervisor WP2 and WP5,

  2. Dipl.Umweltwiss. B. Grabkowsky,
    First name: Barbara,
    Tel: +49 (0)4441 15 516
    Fax: +49 (0)4441 15 445,
    Task: Researcher on WP2 and WP5 (PhD Project),

Description of the institute
P2 is a leading institute in the field of spatial and structural analysis and GIS/remote sensing of rural areas (both research and education). In this field, P2 has more than 13 years of experience. An extensive list of several hundred scientific publications was produced during this period. Specific skills of P2 are: (1) Comparative structural analysis and rural development planning, (2) Geo-Agricultural ecology, and (3) GIS/Remote sensing. H.W. Windhorst has been involved in advisory work and consultancy for the EU (various advisory committees), the German federal and state Ministries of Agriculture and the agri-business. Moreover, part of his work takes place in the USA.
Dipl. Umweltwiss. B. Grabkowsky has an university degree in Environmental sciences. Her work areas comprise structural research in addition to geostatistical data analysis and spatial analysis of data using geographical information systems (GIS).