Institutes and persons involved in the HEALTHY POULTRY project

Partner 7
Istituto Nazionale per la Fauna Selvatica (INFS)

Full name
Istituto Nazionale per la Fauna Selvatica

Via Ca' Fornacetta, 9 - 40064 Ozzano E. (BO), Italy


Website institute

Persons involved

  1. Dr. V. Guberti,
    First name: Vittorio
    Tel: +39 051 651 2243,
    Fax: +39 051 796 628,
    Task: Supervisor WP4

  2. M. Scremin,
    First name: Mara,
    Tel: +39 051 651 2243 or +39 051 651 2247
    Fax: +39 051 796 628,
    Task: Researcher WP4
Description of the institute
The Istituto Nazionale Fauna Selvatica (National wildlife Institute) is a public research institute belonging to the Prime Minister Office. The Institute gives technical support to the Ministries of Health, Forest and Agriculture and Environment for any aspect of wildlife management in Italy. The Institute is divided in three main Sections: Conservation Biology (where all the interdisciplinary Units are placed), Birds Migration and Management, Mammals Management. Among its several duties, INFS has to develop and improve specific techniques for controlling and eradicating wildlife diseases. Management of wildlife diseases is population oriented, interventions are addressed in identifying the risk factors enabling wild population to maintain and spread infections in the environment. Actually the Institute has 70 employers of which 7 in the Veterinary Unit. The researcher in charge, i.e. dr. V. Guberti, is currently involved in research on the Epidemiology of Influenza virus in waterfowl and on the Role of wildlife in maintaining infectious diseases common to livestock. He is active as an expert to the EU (SANCO) on CSF in wild boars.